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NB: Please read the following text only if you are interested in giving your Very Best
to Your Trees, and Yourself. Thank you.

Please also check these points before going any further:

tick smallPlants, like you and I, are living beings
tick smallFruit trees need special care
tick smallAvocados can be a bit fussy

Intelligent people agree with the first two points, I’m
sure. The third part is true as well. I’ve been working
with avocados for the past 15 years and have learnt a
thing or two about them, from the experts, of course.
Avocado trees are really different and need certain but
simple and easy care.

This reminds me of what a Dr said about a little boy.
Sounds unrelated? I know, but let me explain anyway …
Imagine a young boy of only 3 … A clever and a good
looking one.

Here was a young person; full of energy, zest and very
sure of a bright future. He was loved by all, just an
adorable kid really. You know the kind? A picture-perfect
person, one can’t find anything off base with them.
Except … there was something wrong, but amazingly no
one could say what! Not even his parents. Well, almost
no one. This boy happened to be my nephew. We lived in
another city and saw them only once or twice a year,
mostly around the New Year celebrations. That year, 30
years ago, I saw the boy and thought; “that’s odd!”
There’s something … something twisted, not quite right
about him. But I couldn’t pin-point it. “What can I do,
anyway? It’s probably natural” I said to myself and just
left it at that.

My wife noticed this ‘odd’ thing too but she did not ‘just
leave it at that’. She questioned the problem and brought
it out to our attention. Also, she was bright enough to
recommend; “See a doctor”.

The parents did, and it was a simple case of vitamin D
deficiency. The treatment was easy, inexpensive, and
almost immediate. But had the parents not acted on the
advice, it would have ended in misery and even tragedy.
If untreated in good time, the bowed leg bones remain so
for the life of the individual.

That little boy of 3 is now a nice looking young man of
around 30 and is well on his way to the next 30, 60 or
more of enjoying a healthy life and also giving joy to his
parents and his own family. I must say; my brother - the
boy’s father - never misses a chance to thank us for his
boy’s rescue. I had nothing to do with it, as you know!
But I’m sure, like you, it gladdens my heart to see
someone happy.

We are all experts in one or two useful subject/s but not
on everything. Don’t you agree? Also, most of us are
clever enough to know the value of asking for an
expert’s help and advice when it is due. Successful
people just know that and that’s why they have the best
solution for every one of their problems. Haven’t you
wished for this pleasure, over and over again? I know I

Listen to what one of the most successful Americans had
to say about this. By the way, "Benji" is on the US$100

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.
Benjamin Franklin

Consider this: You have a pricey item of a certain value.
Won’t you make sure it’s treated with respect and proper
care, and even some insurance? A piece of jewelry, a
classy mobile, a Victorian writing table, even something
which might not be of monetary value but is dear to your
heart. Won’t you make sure they are looked after?

While talking on caring, how about our pet or pets?
What would you say about someone who just leaves
their pet to its own devices? Avocado trees are not cheap
and if you grow some, they are certainly living beings in
your care. They need your help to thrive. One thing is
certain; and it’s the Golden Rule. If you give your best,
your avocados will too. Have you not seen this in pets?
Ignore them stubbornly long, and hard, and you know
what happens. Treat them right and lovingly, and again,
you know what you get.

Do you agree, in almost every field, team-work gives
much better results? Like you, we know this as well and
we also know for certain by far most people who grow
plants and specially fruit trees develop a personal
relationship with them - - almost like a pet - - and like
you, we too love our trees and our job. This puts us in
sync with our friend-clients. Because of the very special
relationship which develops - as we go along - many ask
us to keep an eye on their trees, year-round, for them and
with them. We do that and we love it. They love it too.
That’s a wonderful and a very powerful alliance of
thoughts, people, and purpose, simply because it is a
healthy teamwork.

Based on this unique and mutual trust and years of
experience, an exciting and new mentoring and guiding
system has been developed. I must admit; I did not
initiate this idea. Our friend-clients like you, from all
over NZ, Australia, and even as far away as South
Africa, Spain, and believe it or not, Sweden asked us to

This is Not a set of written material fished from the
internet and made into some pages of printed matter or
electronic documents which one downloads and then
throws into the bin! It’s live. It’s more like going to a vet
for advice on your pet. True, it’s mostly done over the
internet for its convenience but this is the way things are
moving more and more toward and we better catch up as
fast as we can. However, no worries here because
although I’m a bit internet challenged myself, I have
helped many of our friend-clients with the basics. I’m
sure you agree that both the learner and the ‘teacher’ get
a healthy kick out of the process

Many of these tech advances are really making life
easier. I recently saw a device which you can use to
communicate with your pet/s while away shopping or
going to work, via your mobile. You can even feed your
best friend or your cat, a treat or two. Cool.

Many folks just like you ask us to pay a visit and see
their trees up-close and without a word from us, they
offer to pay generously. When we say yes, they just grab
this chance without further ado. Year Round Button

is a highly flexible, step-by-step tailor made for every
avocado lover, and like our individual friend-clients and
even for your individual trees, case-by-case. It’s highly
focused and personalized. We are in regular contact with
you about your precious trees and it will remain so for as
long as you want it. As always; our clients are in charge.
You are the Boss, remember? We will remind you of
your trees’ wellbeing now and again if you, for any
reason, forget. But again, you are in charge, at all times.

These days, there are computerized and mass produced
programs administered by robots, few of which are of
some value. This, however, is Not a computer program.
We Are Alive! Very much so, and we do get moved
emotionally by our clients’ stories or when they are
distressed about their trees. Some of their concerns are
so passionate that our hearts go out to them and we too,
literally, follow suit.

Read the following and ask yourself; “Do I relate to
There’s a lady who has gone to live in India for the past
couple years. She asked us to guide her friend to take
care of her trees. She calls her trees “babies” and we
were so moved by her request that we had to oblige and
our daughter and her friend, decided to go to this lady’s
place to see what her baby-trees needed. And, boy oh
boy, were they in time! I cringe when I think how the
lady would have felt if her precious trees had gone
beyond help.
Well, Do You Relate to This?
Here’s your chance Year Round Button

Remember; you do not need to have bought or even buy
trees from us. You might have a tree or a few trees
already. You are just a bit concerned they might be doing
better if only you knew how. We are based in Auckland,
NZ and now in NSW Australia too. But you might be in
the Middle East, China, Japan, Korea, US, Spain;
France, UK, India, Africa, Nepal … Doesn’t matter
where you are. If you love growing avocados we can
help, and will do. Sign up now and thanks to the power
of the fast, safe, efficient and mostly free
communications media, we are just a click away.
Then fire away your questions or concerns.

Did you know serious avocado orchard growers gladly
pay for such care from $350 to $750 and renew their
contracts year after year? All avocado trees and where
they are growing are unique and require individualized
attention. Orchard growers know the value of such
services. It’s understood as a necessary insurance for
their investment.
Who would throw away the chance to get this, if it was
offered for a fraction of the price?

For the first time ever, the “24-7 Year-Round” avocado
baby-sitting service is offered to a limited number of
enthusiasts for less than 10 cents per day! It is an easy as
a paint-by-numbers help package. It is specially designed
for the serious avocado orchardists, home growers, and
avocado lovers ... World Wide. It’s also modified for the
unique needs of every single avocado lover, no matter
where they are or what number of avocado trees they
like to grow. Right from the first steps of choosing the
best location, to planting preparations, the best varieties
for your corner of the world, to the planting itself and
taking care of your trees’ health, watering, wind and
frost protection, flowering, fruit-set, pruning … and
harvesting your first avocados, and beyond. We will take
you by the hand and guide you step-by-step till all your
concerns about your trees are met with, and for as long
as you allow us. All you need to do is signup for this
powerful Year Round Buttonhelp package and kick-
start the process.

Have you seen or heard of garden care blogs? Perhaps
you wanted to know why your avocado tree was sulking,
or even collapsed, even though you had given it all you
knew. You mention this in a blog and you get 10
different answers - if you are lucky - but not one of them
addresses your tree’s condition. Frustrating!

What follows will blow all - even the experts’ - minds!
This service means you are getting the latest cutting edge
recommendations and advice from the top notch World
Class experts in the field. It is the same service that
serious orchardists pay hundreds, even two or three
grand - and more - to just attend a seminar and hear what
the experts have to say. When I say World Class Experts,
I mean just that. However, I’m not talking about myself.

I’m a student of this subject and know more than many
about the avocado, but not everything! There comes a
time in our lives where a problem shows up and we do
not know how to deal with it. I’m sure you know what I
mean. So, what’s the best course of action?
Remember the young boy’s story?
We ask for an expert’s help. You agree, right?

Everybody knows preventive measures are better and
way, way more effective and cheaper. Have you noticed
how other people’s distress call affects you? Doesn’t
your heart go out to them? We get distressed too. Well,
that’s another reason for us to launch this service asap.
It brings happiness to hearts. Yours, ours and everybody
else’s who hears about a success story. Do it now, rather
than wait for the fatal signs to appear which could mean;
Too Late. That’s a lot of disappointment and in most cases
unnecessary heartache and loss of investment.
“Now Is The only Time We Get” so say the wise or the
real experts.
Do It Now Year Round Button

Can we afford to become an expert on everything?
Here’s what Niels Bohr, the famous Quantum scientist,
philosopher and Noble Prize laureate said about the

“An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes
which can be made, in a narrow field”.

Unless you like to become an avocado growing “expert”
it is not recommended repeating all the unnecessary and
very expensive mistakes which one needs to make in
order to become an expert. Instead be smart; hire one.
When it comes to my loved ones’ health and wellbeing; I
rather go to the experts, at all costs and with an absolute
“No Matter What” attitude. Can you afford the aftermath
of learning these things by trial and error or the ‘hard
way’? I’ll stop short of retelling horror stories of some
‘well meaning’ parents or care takers’ who try home
remedies - because they think it is cheaper - on their
loved ones … In their hour of need??! But I can tell you
some of the sad stories about these well meaning
people’s avocado trees. Less painful, but sad still.

Read, see, hear and even feel what’s going on and
imagine yourself avoiding such pitfalls because you now
know better.
“One tree has a dieback … Help Please”. Client A
“My 3 year old tree was in optimal health till I decided
to help its roots with a well known root protector stuff …
Please advise, it feels like a death in the family”.
Client B
“Two of my 9 trees are looking very sad … I’ll be very
upset if they don’t recover”.
Client C
“Frost affected avocados. What do I do”? Client D
“My avocado tree is dying, please help”. Client E
“The leaves on two of our avos are turning yellow …
What is wrong”?
Client F

When I get such questions, I ask them to tell me more on
how the problem came to be. From their answers it
becomes clear that almost all such issues could have
been prevented, had they been in regular contact and
simply asked what needs to be done and when. I’ve
quoted the milder stories as some of them break my heart
to repeat. People kill their trees mostly by mistakes and
they are not even aware of it. In other words, often times
they do it through kindness! Had they informed us of the
early signs of the distress, in time, a cure or preventive
solution would have been be advised. By far most such
problems can be avoided. They are mostly mistakes,
simple ones at that, and avoidable.

Sure, we all make mistakes. I’ve made mistakes …
Too much and too many in fact.
Costly and disappointing!
But that’s how I learned to ask for help and still do and
of course, it’s my job to help avocado growers.
And that’s where I am fortunate enough to have access
to the top-notch experts in the field, from research
institutes, universities, as well as the most successful
hands-on growers … from all over the world.
How much is that worth?

“Grab the chance while it is limited to the first 39 people
who sign up now. After that, it will be gone”!

No, not gone forever! The price will go up, and up
enough until it becomes equal to its true market value!

“The hard facts are; at some point it has to become
similar to what other genuine consultants charge.

Well folks, that - the sentence above - is what my mentor
told me to write there. And yes, I hire my own experts
and mentors in all the areas I need! I know their value.
Here’s your chance, and you can get it Here and Now
and become one of the 39 lucky people to have this
wonderful, live, exciting, never to be repeated, one-off,
promotional offer.
Here’s your chance Year Round Button

What, for the price of a sip of coffee per day?
Are your precious trees and all of your efforts, time,
money, and hard work Not worth it?
After the first 39 signups, this support service will be
offered for $68. That’s for a full year of email and other
e-support. As you know people pay hundreds, even
couple thousands and more for such crucial services.
But you don’t need to pay anything even close to that.

The good thing is; you don't need to wait till it’s too late,
either. You can buy this package for only $36 + GST,
right now and save a whopping $39.10 (NZ, GST
inclusive) with a full 100%, no questions asked, iron
clad … refund Guaranteed! Period.

Overseas clients Do Not need to pay NZ, GST
That means if you are not completely satisfied with any
part of it or you do not get the results you want, you can
cancel it at a moment’s notice. Even on the very last day
and after a full year of support! This guaranteed refund
of signup fee is not extended to any other of our products
or services implied or otherwise. By the way, we have
done this for several New Zealand and Australians in the
past, and are providing it at this very moment.

It should be mentioned that it is you and you alone, who
can do the best for your “mini avocado trees”. Do you
love what you do? If not, then stop right here, as it will
be a waste of your time and money. Go find something
you really, really love to do. That way, you sure will
succeed if you observe certain principles. If you love
growing things, then you are on the right track here and
you’ll succeed with the very best of the top-notch
experts’ help at your fingertips. We love to help all
avocado growers succeed.
Get it here: Year Round Button

Luther Burbank, an American botanist and
horticulturalist, developed more than 800 strains and
varieties of edible plants, fruit, flowers and animal feed.
Almost all of the fruit in the markets today have
something to do with his pioneering work. When asked
how he developed the spineless fig cactus, he replied;

“I talked to it and assured it; it does not need its thorns
to protect itself, because I’d take care and preserve its
kind! “You don’t need to waist resources on developing
spines”. “I repeated that over and over again!
Then, after many years, a cactus fig tree appeared which had
no thorns”!

“The secret of improved plant breeding, apart from
scientific knowledge, is love”.

Luther Burbank

That’s right. Love is the single most important ingredient
and a universal cure-all panacea, in every situation.
But can we just say; “I love my trees” or “I love my pet”
and hope all will be fine?

No, It Is Not. If you love something or someone, you
have to give your best, first and before anything can take
effect. I’ve seen it work miracles. It’s so magical that it
can bring the dead … back to life. Such is the power of
true love.
We do not promise to bring back dead trees back to life
but our client-friends appreciate what they got out of our
services. Many say; “My dead trees sprang back to life”.
This is not just from people who don’t have “green
fingers” and think of us as people who know a thing or
two about avocado growing. Rather, we have
professional growers and university professors in related
subjects like forestry, who honor us by such comments.
However, our main purpose is to help every client-friend
to be, see, feel and even hear about their success from
others. It’s really the joy of growing that matters.
Otherwise, one can get an avocado or two from the chain
stores. But, is it the same, really?

There’s another side to growing and caring for all living
stuff; the association of memories we develop, as we go
along. This reminds me of a nice couple, advanced in
years, from the South Island, NZ.

Few years back, this nice couple ordered 4 trees. In their
second email they mentioned an avocado tree which they
already had. It fruited, but strangely the tree developed
flowers and fruit on one side only, always! This had
grown from a seed which was thrown to the compost
heap. The ‘Seedling’ avocado tree grew and proved to be
something of a survivor. During the years it re-emerged
battered from repeated and severe hail, frosts and even
tornados, but still fruited … on one side only, consistently!
Would you say this tree is interesting?
It grabbed our attention too!

Now, we are known for preserving new avocado
varieties and have a unique gene pool of them which is
not matched by any other nursery or even powerful
industry bodies, in NZ. So I asked them to tell me more
about their tree and we decided it was worth
propagating, for it has very desirable characteristics.
It’s a cold hardy variety with a large, tasty fruit.
What’s more; it’s a survivor.

When a new variety is discovered, by one of our client-
friends, we usually ask them to name it so that it is
associated with them. Like the Hass variety which is
named after its discoverer. They thanked me for it but
they didn’t know what to call their tree. I suggested one
of their own first names, family name, or a nice sounding
combination of their two first names, etc. After a while
they emailed and thanked me saying nobody had ever
offered them such an opportunity before and they were
really grateful for it. They had thought about this for a
while and finally came up with the word “Simbon”
as a name.

It sounds nice and sort of looks and feels like a French
name but it was odd that it did not resemble any of their
own names or combinations of them. So, I asked politely
what it meant or represented. That’s because, although
I’m a very busy person, I love stories, true stories.
Don’t you?
Well, I got an answer which I could not have guessed for
the life of me.

They had two kittens which grew to full age and for 15
years. The kitties loved going up and down that avocado
tree, playing, enjoying and obviously giving joy to the
couple. Simbon is a combination of the two cats’ names
and in their loving memory. Don’t you love this story?
Can you see the connection here and the unselfishness
that love of trees and pets can bestow on us? Will you
allow yourself this innocent joy and the very real
‘luxury’ of getting experts’ help for your trees?
Year Round Button

Although it has been mentioned that we guarantee this
service with an ironclad, no questions asked full refund
on demand, not even one client has ever asked us for a
refund, yet. Instead they renew their contract, over and
over again. I guess they are getting value for their money.

Let’s finish this by repeating what one of the topmost
experts in his own field of expertise - Albert Einstein
had to say.

“The only source of knowledge is experience”.

Give your trees and therefore yourself, the best available.
This is a unique and live avocado care package and an
excellent value for money or rather the peanuts it is
offered for. You will not find it anywhere else!
Other experts in this field charge $750 and more for a similar
service and will only listen to you once or twice a year!
Sign up for the  Year Round Button Avocado Care” now.
This is new, fresh, and came to be, by popular
demand of people like you. It’s also an absolute risk-free
offer. Remember; you can cancel it at any time you wish
and get a full refund. You are Not risking anything.
We are taking all the risks.
And finally …

“Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and
Make It Survive; you haven’t done a thing. You are just

Wangari Maathai

Go for it. Protect Your Trees.
You and your trees deserve this.
Buy this now: Year Round Button